Plastic can be the best friend of the environment, provided that 100% regenerable and recyclable plastics are used, such as those that Proxital has decided to adopt since its foundation. It is the best friend of the environment because it lends itself to infinite reuse, without any dispersion in the environment, and with an important saving of natural resources, because it is the same "waste" become a resource again in a virtuous cycle.


Environmental impact


Expanding plastics into Physical Foam means obtaining light products, thus limiting the environmental impact of products by reducing the consumption of raw materials used to manufacture the product, with percentages of recycled and regenerated that can reach 100%, while reducing the amount of energy needed to make the finished products.




Go 100%! Our process chain guarantees the total recyclability of the raw materials which can be regenerated , including production scraps, to bring the same product back to life countless times, supporting our sustainable vision. In three words “REfoam, REgenerate, REpeat.”

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