Proxital develops shared innovation with its customers, with three fixed points in style and content, three aspects that for us are real pillars of our daily actions. Not empty words and theories, but concrete actions that make us evolve every day, developing cutting-edge technologies and products that are increasingly performing and innovative.




For Proxital, constant investment in production and research technologies has always been a hallmark of the company. The creation and patenting of new materials passes from a deep knowledge of processes and machinery, through proprietary solutions that allow to arrive at innovative results for wide applications.

Proxital's know-how has also always been appreciated by machinery manufacturers who have always supported and supported Proxital for the development of high-performance and advanced technologies, which are constantly improving. This commitment then translates into the creation of the most innovative, light, resistant, hi-tech products on the market.

  • ricicla-con-noi

    From Refuse to Resource

    <p>L’economia circolare è un principio che evidenzia il fatto che le cose si influenzano reciprocamente.</p><p>La necessità quindi di creare un equilibrio, una sostenibilità, è maggiormente evidente quando si pone attenzione alla capacità dell’uomo di creare rifiuti. Con la costante crescita della popolazione mondiale, è indispensabile trasformare i rifiuti in risorse, così che si possano inserire nuovamente in un ciclo che ne permetta la trasformazione, portandoli a nuova vita ed utilizzo.</p><p>Proxital ha da sempre considerato la sostenibilità come uno dei suoi pilastri fondanti e agisce concretamente per realizzarla. Uno dei suoi fiori all’occhiello è l’impianto di riciclo completo per il riutilizzo degli sfridi di lavorazione di Polietilene e Polipropilene espanso, sia della produzione interna che dei nostri Clienti, che danno vita a nuovi prodotti 100% riciclabili e rigenerabili. Scopri di più.</p>

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    University Research

    <p>In its research and development processes, Proxital has always relied on technical experts and research institutes, for the creation of real product and process innovation.</p><p>Proxital has entered into a research contract with the industrial engineering department of Padua University to certify the recyclability of non-crosslinked polyethylene foam in post-consumer processes. </p><p>The raw materials used for the various tests are regenerated LDPE polyethylene, the regenerated LDPE + HDPE mix and the polyolefin mix.These materials were scientifically characterised via spectrophotometry, thermogravimetry analysis, calorimetric and mechanical analysis and with the melt flow index. </p><p>Mixes were then produced with different percentage blends of the various materials, then the extrusion and resistance tests were carried out. Proxital treasures this type of research, in order to launch ever new, better-performing products, which are perfectly sustainable and 100% recyclable and regenerable.</p>

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The best ideas are those that are then realized. This philosophy has characterized Proxital since its foundation, creating innovation shared with its customers. Proxital's R&D division developed the new materials from the requests and questions of the customers, which were then created. The dialogue is continuous and the search for solutions is a constant. Thanks to our Customers we have always found new stimuli and new challenges to overcome, each time overcoming the technical limit of the material or machinery, developing new solutions that have allowed its realization. The philosophy of continuous improvement finds in our Customers the perfect stimulus, to truly innovate together.

  • Applicazioni

    Application Sectors

    <p>Thanks to precious partnerships with its Customers, over the years Proxital has developed a range of products which are applied in an extensive range of commodities sectors.</p><p>In some cases even, an entire range of products and accessories has been developed, such as for the construction industry with the Terilex range, or the Xtracell range for packaging.There are a large number of application sectors for Proxital products, with numerous innovations and patents. </p><p>The Proxital Research and Development division is constantly working to put together innovative solutions, which are always 100% recyclable and regenerable, with a keen focus on recovery at all times.We constantly share goals with our Customers, indeed thanks to the shared challenges and inputs, the R&amp;S sector continuously achieves new significant results, which are then followed by a testing and validation process before being placed on the market.  </p><p>Contact us for your special requirements, we’d be happy to share your next success with you!</p>

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    Foam is strength and lightness

    <p>Proxital produces plastic foams out of passion and believes wholeheartedly in the potential and high performance of this material.</p><p>In fact, the structure of the foam, which consists of plastic polymer and microscopic air pockets, allows for extremely light films and manufactured products through the use of minimal amounts of raw material.</p><p>Lightness, strength, insulating capacity, preservation and flexibility are the primary advantages offered by the use of plastic foams: economical films that can protect goods and merchandise from degradation, noise, water, impact, heat and cold.</p><p>Each polymer, depending on its mechanical and physical characteristics, is particularly suitable in certain areas. In this sense Proxital is able to offer a wide range of products, consisting of polymers of various kinds, which can be used in a variety of applications and for the most diverse areas of use. </p><p>The use of plastic foams therefore proves valuable in particular areas where resistance and insulation, preservation and waterproofing capabilities are required.</p><p>The search for new materials and new production solutions, understood as competitive advantages, are at the basis of the company’s philosophy: constantly oriented toward the development of customer-friendly products.</p><p>The use of sophisticated technologies that probe the entire production process ensure the physical and chemical characteristics of the materials used with the support of more than 400 daily checks.</p><p>Proxital thus focuses on the quality of its products as the cornerstone of constant growth in volume and customer satisfaction.</p>

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Since 1998 we have made a precise choice: to adopt a production system of sustainable, recyclable, infinitely regenerable plastic. For this reason we use expansion technologies that do not chemically alter the raw materials used. This allows the total regenerability of each single product at the end of each use cycle.

Even the processing scraps of expanded plastics are totally regenerable, bringing the carbon footprint of these products to almost zero.

In this precise context, Proxital offers a personalized service based on the needs of the individual customer and the individual process, always with an eye to sustainability.

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    Il Sole 24 ore talks about Proxital

    <p>The Sole 24 ore magazine talks about Proxital among the companies active in the defense of health and the environment.</p><p>Not all plastics are the same. Since its foundation, Proxital has been producing only sustainable materials, but it is particularly important and urgent to scientifically demonstrate their degree of environmental compatibility and communicate it to the outside world, refuting the mistaken beliefs of the market and the final consumer. </p><p>Thanks to the support and advice of Assindustria, we are working on the creation of a validated model for the calculation of the Carbon Footprint of foamed plastics. Proxitalproduces closed-cell Foam, 100% recyclable and regenerable and is actively contributing to the development of a uniform, functional and valid calculator for the purposes of theISO 14067 standard to quantify CO2 emissions for the production of plastic foams. </p><p>The market needs clarity and certain references, also in the light of the new ESG Sustainability Report requests from various institutional and banking entities. Proxital has recently introduced REFOAM, a new production technology that has affected the entire range for the extensive use of regenerated raw materials.</p>

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    Repubblica talks about REFOAM

    <p>Repubblica talks about the new REFOAM range, a new production technology that makes extensive use of regenerated raw materials, and sets a new standard in terms of resistance and slipperiness of foamed foams. The range also includes the innovative REFOAM 0.5, a worldwide innovation that in just half a millimeter of thickness can offer protection equal to double-thick foam. </p><p>In addition to technical innovation, this translates into economic savings because with the same volume you have twice the length. But also in real sustainability, because it halves the road transport needed to transfer the coils. Refoam is produced with a percentage of recycled material that can reach 100%.</p>

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