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Refoam, Regenerate, Repeat

Meet the Foam world's revolution: our new REFOAM, the result of intense research and development, is the new range of Proxital products, produced with a percentage of recycled material that can even reach the 100%. The technical characteristics are superior and more performing compared to the classic Physical Foam, allowing the use of our productsfor the most demanding applications in various product sectors.

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Discover all our applications! Proxital offers a wide range of products for packaging and physical foam. From the transport of delicate objects for the protection of industrial products, we have the perfect solution for your packaging needs.

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Refoam, Regenerate, Repeat

At Proxital we produce closed cell plastic foams for use industrial, totally recyclable and regenerable. The Physical Foam best ever. For us “Refoam, Regenerate, Repeat” it is a mantra, which leads us to create products with respect for the environment100% sustainable and performing.

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